Omega VRT350HD vs 8006

What is the difference between the Omega 8006 and VRT350?  I think just the shapes of these two juicer caused some confusion as to what kind of juicers they are.

We are going to go through these two juicers, discover how they are different and find out which model is a better fit for you.

Omega 8006

Omega 8006

Omega Vrt350

Omega Vrt350

Before we go over how they are different, let’s talk about what they both have in common.

They are both made by Omega, probably the most trusted name in juicers.

They both excel at leafy greens, and they both can handle wheatgrass.

Even though they have very different looks, they are actually both single auger masticating juicers.  They are both slow juicers (80RPM).  In this case, slow is a good thing.  Slow juicing preserves more nutrients and live enzymes than fast juicers.

And they both come with super long warranties…though one is longer than the other.  Keep reading and find out which.

What Are The Differences?


Omega 8006:  6½” W x 14½” D x 15½” H

Omega VRT350: 7” W x 8 1/2” D x 15 1/2” H

The VRT350 will take up a bit less counter top space.  Generally speaking they are both pretty compact.


8006:  Chrome and Black

VRT350:  Silver and Black

Performance Differences:

Pulp and Foam In Juice:  The 8006 generally makes juice that’s less pulpy and foamy.  The VRT350 is known to produce a bit more foam and pulp.  There is a really simple fix, which is to buy a strainer.  The 8006 already comes with a strainer that fits on top of the juice container.

Clogging Issue:  The VRT350 is a little bit more prone to clogging.  Especially with really stringy vegetables.  The fix for that is to cut them into one inch pieces.  The 8006 on the other hand doesn’t clog as much.  It works best when you cut the veggies into thin pieces instead of chunks for the VRT350.

Soft Fruits:  The VRT350 is more soft fruits friendly.  That’s not to say the 8006 can’t juice fruits.  The VRT350 with it’s vertical design, makes it easier for the soft fruits to get pressed through the screen.

Versatility:  The VRT350 is a juicer and that is it.  The Omega 8006 on the other hand is a juicer and a nutrition center.  It can make nut butter, baby food, sorbet, pasta…etc.

Preperation:  This is a bit tricky.  On paper, the VRT350 should require less prep work like cutting because it has a larger feed chute.  But for certain vegetables, it actually requires a little bit more cutting and chopping.  As we have discussed in the Clogging section, you need to chop the stringy vegetables into about 1 inch chunks for the VRT350.  The Omega 8006 has a smaller feed tube, but you don’t need to do as much chopping, because it works perfectly fine with stringy veggies.  You can feed a whole stalk of celery with no problem.  You do need to slice wider vegetables or fruits to fit the chute though.

Cleaning:  They are both very easy to clean.  But 8006 with fewer parts and a smaller screen, takes probably half the time than the VRT350.

Warranty:  Omega offers some of the best warranty in the business.  The VR350 comes with a 10 year warranty.  The Omega 8006 comes with a 15 year warranty…that is the best warranty offered by any juicer.

Price:  Usually the VRT350 costs about $80 more than the Omega 8006.

Which Should You Pick?

I think it depends on what you will juice most and what your taste is.  For vegetable juicers, the Omega 8006 is hard to beat (not to say it can’t juice fruits, it can).  It is what other juicers wish they could be.  If you like pulp free juice, then you will LOVE the Omega 8006. It is especially important when you are doing a juice fast.  You want your juice to be as clean as possible.

The Omega 8006 is also great for people who are living the healthy lifestyle.  You can make your own nut butter, your own baby food, natural sorbet, your own coconut oil…etc.  It is also a bit more reasonably priced and the warranty is the longest on a juicer.

If you are more of a general juicer…mix of greens and a lot of fruits.  The VRT350 could be just what you’ve been looking for.  Just be aware of the tendency of this juicer.  You will need to do a bit of tinkering, like cutting or buying a sieve.  Pure green juice can be too harsh for some people; with the VRT350 you can easily add fruits to make it a bit sweeter.  For some beginners that can be the difference between stop juicing and continuing.

Best Deals

After comparing prices and figuring out shipping costs,  I have found to be the best place to shop for both these juicers.  Click here to check Omega 8006′s latest sale price, and click here for Omega VRT350′s discount.  You’ll get free shipping on both juicers.

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