Omega 8006 vs 8005 vs 8004 vs 8003 Comparison

You want to buy an Omega 8000 series juicer…but there are so many to choose from.

  • What are the differences in performance?
  • What are the differences in price?
  • What are the differences in design?
  • What are the differences in warranty?

These are the kind of questions we will answer in this Omega Juicer Comparison.

Omega 8006 Best Price   Omega 8005 Best Price   Omega 8004 Best Price   Omega 8003 Best Price

Omega juicer 8006

Omega j8006 Juicer

omega 8005 juicer

Omega j8005 Juicer

Omega j8004 Juicer

omega 8003 juicer

Omega j8003 Juicer

What’s In Common?

Before we talk about the differences, let’s talk about what they all share.

1.) Quality.  Omega is the most reputable name in the juicer market.

2.) Motor.  All 4 models have the same powerful motor in them.

Cosmetic differences

Color: Let’s first talk about the design difference.  The Omega 8006 and 8005 share the same chrome look.  The Omega 8004 and 8003 are both pearl white.

Shape: As far as the actual shape goes, the 8006 and the 8004 are the same, while 8005 and 8003 share the same shape.  From the pictures above, you can see the 8006 and 8004′s base is covered.

Handle:  The Omega j8006 and 8004 have built in handles.  The 8005 and 8003 both have flip up handles.  I personally prefer the built in handle because it’s more sturdy.

Hopper/Food Tray:  The 8006 and 8004 have the exact same size hopper.  8005 and 8003 have the same size hopper.  The hoppers on the 8006 and 8004 are bigger than the 8005 and 8004.

Juice Collector/Pulp Bin:  Just like the hopper, the juice collector and pulp bin on the 8006 and 8004 are exactly the same, which are bigger than 8005 and 8003′s.

Performance Difference

Auger:  Both the 8005 and 8003 have the same harden plastic augers.  The 8006 and 8004 both have the GE Ultem augers that are 8 times stronger.  It is important to note that stronger auger is much preferred.

On/Off Switch Location:  The 8005 and 8003 both have the switch on top of the juicer.  The 8006 and 8004 have switches on the back of the juicer.  I believe Omega realized having the switch on top of the juicer might not be the best idea, since water or juice and easily be spilled on it.

Warranty:  Both the 8005 and 8003 have a 10 year warranty.  It is one of the longest warranty on a juicer.  Want to know who has the longest?  You guessed it.  The 8006 and 8004 both come with an incredible 15 year warranty.

Pricing Difference:  The 8003 has the lowest price at around $226.  The 8005 and 8004 both run about $259.  The 8006 comes out at around $299.

Quick Recap

Basically, the 8006 and the 8004 are the exact same machine.  The only difference between those two are color and price.

The 8005 and the 8003 are also exactly the same besides the color and price.

8006 and 8004 are improved versions of 8005 and 8003.  Better material, better design, and better warranty.

Best Prices

I’ve looked all over the places for cheap deals on these juicers, and I just have to share it with you guys.  I have included the discount links to each model, and you will get the best price, free and fast shipping, and a great reputation. I’m not sure when the sale will end.  Also want to remind you, juicing has been getting really popular these days, I’ve seen juicers be sold out all over the place.  If you see it in stock, and on sale, don’t wait to long to click that add to cart button.

Omega 8006 Sale:  Click Here

Omega 8005 Sale:  Click Here

Omega 8004 Sale:  Click Here

Omega 8003 Sale:  Click Here

Final Thought

To me, the choice is pretty clear.  I would have to recommend the 8006 model or the 8004.  That is not to say the 8005 and 8003 are bad, it’s just the 8006 and 8004 are better.

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