What is the difference between Omega 8006, 8007 and 8008?

I have absolutely no idea why Omega decided to introduce the J8007 and the J8008.  By the way, before I start, the “J” means nothing.  J8007 or 8007…they are both the same.

Now, on to the difference.  Let’s first talk about the J8007 and J8008…they are exactly the same, except the color.  The 8007 is silver, and the 8008 is chrome.

The difference between the 8006 and the newer models?  In the words of Omega customer representatives:  So minor, it’s not even worth mentioning.

The only thing that’s different is cosmetic, and that’s also very minor.  The motor is the same size, the auger is the same material, the warranty is the same.  They are basically identical twins with different outfits on.

So, there you go.  If you like the way the newer models look, go knock yourself out.  Just a heads up, they do cost a little more.  Here, use this discount link to see the sale prices of all three models.


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