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How To Properly Store Fresh Juice

The best way to drink fresh juice is obviously right away. Unlike store bought juice, which are all pasteurized (cooked), fresh juice loses its taste and nutrients more rapidly.

But we don’t live in a perfect world. We all have family, job and life to tend to. Sometimes making a big batch of juice and store it makes it easier.

I still want to emphasis how important it is to drink your juice right away. Storing it should be the last resort.

Even though the Omega 8006 produces some of the highest quality juice, you still should follow these tips to ensure they retain as much of the nutrients as possible.

Althought Omega claims you can store juice from their masticating juicer for up to 72 hours, I personally suggest you finish within 24 hours…48 hours at the most.

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The main thing you want to focus on is to keep air and light out. Air and light causes the juice to lose its nutrient.

Storage Containers:

Mason Jars

Mason Jars

Mason Jars

I know many of you have some kind of plastic bottles or containers at home, and it SEEMS like a good way to store juice. But I would advise against that. Some plastic containers are known to leach chemicals that cause cancer.

A great alternative is mason jars. The wide mouth mason jars are perfect for this purpose.

First, they are made out of glass, which won’t leak any chemicals.

Second, they have wide openings. Which means it’s easy to pour the juice in, and easy to clean after.

Third, they work with the popular kitchen gadget, FoodSaver (make sure you get the jar attachment), which sucks all the air out and creates a vacuum. No air means longer shelf life.

Fourth, they are the perfect single serving size. Once you opened a stored bottle of juice, you want to finish it.

Glass Bottles

Aquasana Glass Bottles

Aquasana Glass Bottles

If you don’t like the idea of mason jars, there is a different option.  The Aquasana Glass bottles.  There are a few advantages you might like.

First, they are slimmer.  That means it might be easier for you to carry around.  It fits much easier in bags, purses, or backpacks.

They are also easier to hold.  Since it’s not as wide as a mason jar, it’s easier to hold it in one hand.

The lid is also a little bit easier to work with.  Don’t worry, the plastic is BPA FREE!

Last but not the least, the bottles are dish washer safe.  If you go through a few bottles a day, it makes cleaning up a lot easier.

They are on sale for about 25% off.  You can check out the sale price here.

Toxin Free Stainless Steel Bottles

stainless steel water bottle

Kleen kanteen Bottle

When you are on the go, glass jars aren’t necessary the best option. What you want is a durable, and convenient bottle that will fit just about anywhere. That’s where stainless steel water bottles come in very handy.

People thought all stainless steel bottles are made the same…not so. There was an consumer outrage not too long ago, about a stainless steel bottle maker lining their bottles with BPA (cancer causing chemical).

What you want is a Non-Leaching, Non-Toxic, and BPA free bottle, like the Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Water Bottle. It’s durable and lightweight. The slim design means you can put it in your back pack, bike water bottle rack, in your car or stroller.

It also has a wide mouth design, which allows easy pouring and cleaning…and it’s dish washer safe.

Tips On Storing Fresh Juice

Get rid of the air. Air is the main cause of oxidation and lost of nutrient in fresh juice. When you fill your mason jars or your stainless steel bottle, make sure you pour it to the top, leaving as little room as possible. If you don’t have enough juice to fill it to the top, add some filtered water.

If you know you are going to make a big batch, pre chill both the veggies and the containers. Heat also kills nutrients. By chilling the produce and the jars, you ensure the juice stays the freshest.

If possible, vacuum seal the jars with the previously mentioned FoodSaver appliance. That’s the only way to ensure ALL the air is out of the can.

Add some lemon juice to your batch of juice to keep it more fresh. You know how people say to rub lemon on sliced apples to keep from turning brown? It could work the same way with juice. Also, adding lemon juice makes everything taste bright and delicious!

Always Keep It Cold!

I feel like this is a given. But I will remind you again, always keep your juice in the fridge (not the freezer). It will keep the juice fresher for much longer.


Remember, storing juice is the LAST resort. I always recommend drinking your fresh juice right away. Even if you follow my instruction, you shouldn’t store fresh juice for more than a day or two. Two days is the absolute maximum! Drink it within 24 hours is recommended.

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